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Tips for choosing a great groom suit

אנטילופ | 03.04.2015

“Tips for choosing a great groom suit
We know his sense of style isn’t one of the qualities that made you marry him. That’s why we’ve collected a few tips, that will help you choose the perfect suit for you, sorry, for him 😉
1. His suit needs to complement your gown.
It might be obvious, but let us remind you that your wedding is a chance to show your joint sense of style to your friends. That’s why you should probably include your fiancé in the search, it is his wedding too after all.
We know you don’t want to show him the dress before the wedding, but you must make sure your attire is complementary to each other. If your gown is classy, his suit should be classy too, black, and well-tailored. If you chose a trendy dress, let him have fun with a choice of colors and styles in our unique groom suit collection.
2. The suit must be perfectly tailored
If your groom is tall and skinny, almost every suit will look great on him. If he’s a normal human, and doesn’t resemble the magazine models, make sure you tailor the suit to his size, and use some fashion tips to complete his look.
For chubby grooms, we recommend a 3-piece suit, with a vest to slim the waistline. Shorter grooms should add a long blazer, with 2 or 3 buttons, for a taller look, and you just make sure to be sensitive when choosing heels.
3. His suit need to be perfect.
Even the most expensive suits can look terrible if they are not worn properly. The main concern is the freedom of movement. Make sure the groom can move freely, we don’t want to impair his movies on the dance floor!
-The jacket sleeves need to be 0.5cm above the shirt sleeve, which should peek out.
-The back of the jacket should fully cover the buttocks, if it’s in the air, the suit is either too small or too tight.
-Shirt collar should be straight and tight, with no openings or creases.
-Pants need to be the right size, covering 1/3 of the shoe when the groom is standing.
-Tie needs to be tight, yet feet comfortably around the neck.
4. Let it be unique
Now that you’ve chosen the perfect groom suit, both in appearance and in comfort, it’s time to throw in fashionable accessories, to complete the look. Make sure to choose one or two accessories, and not overwhelm the overall look.
Many men will choose a funky tie, like a Garfield tie or a stylish butterfly tie. A fancy watch or special shoes can also break the formality.
The happiest day in a groom’s life begins and ends with his feeling and comfort. When he’ll feel special, accent his personality with a perfect suit, and feel comfortable in it, you will both enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.