Matching the Suits and Accessories

אנטילופ | 04.02.2015

“Matching the Suits and Accessories

Fashionable accessories for a groom’s suit
A suit, no matter the price and beauty, still can’t precisely accentuate your sense of style and individuality on the biggest day of your life. That’s why we’ve collected a few fashionable accessories that will help you be the stylish one around.
Warning-Don’t steal the attention from the bride! Not the best way to start your married life.
How to match a tie?
Be unique by purchasing a unique tie for your groom suit. Crazy colored ties that will break the wedding monochrome, funky baseball or cartoon based ties, or butterfly ties.
Like a more standard tie? Add a luxurious, silver clip and radiate elegance.
Shoes and Socks
As opposed to the denim we wear every day, on the wedding you’ll face pants that cover up to a 1/3 of the shoe, and make the shoe visible when sitting or walking down the aisle.
Therefore, the shoes and socks play an important role in your overall look. Get a pair of unique shoes, made from various materials and styles, such as regular leather, with a round or pointed toe, snake or leopard design, or even stylish fabric shoes. Basically, any show that will express your personality.
The socks can be more traditional, and match the suit or shoes. Surprise everyone with your sense of style by wearing delightful colorful socks.
Spice up the jacket with cufflinks and a handkerchief.
The jacket will be an inseparable part of all groom suits, and all jackets features a pocket we’re all clueless about. Why don’t you add some Hollywood chic to your wedding, and decorate the pocket with a folded handkerchief or a small bouquet of flowers.
Complete the elegant jacket look with spectacular cufflinks, which will sparkle at everyone.
Most mothers-in-law choose to buy the groom an expensive watch, that will adorn the groom on his wedding day and afterwards. Try beating her to it, and choose a trendy watch you will wear to the wedding and photoshoot.
Finally, for the extremists among us, we offer the hottest trend today, the retro look. Surprise your guests when you burn the dance floor wearing suspenders.