How to choose a wedding suit?

אנטילופ | 03.05.2015

Grooms Suits

Is it just us, or do men today care about their appearance just like women do?
To be honest, we don’t mind that at all!
The need for a groom suit that will perfectly fit all the criteria’s, is constantly increasing.
This newfound sense of men, shows that a large percentage of the grooms will no longer settle for an average suit. This sector now relies more on traditional, elegant groom suits, fashionably made in the highest quality.
Not all grooms have average, store-available sizes. This makes shopping for a suit tiring and disappointing. Wedding preparations are a hectic task, and no one is looking for endless measuring and disappointments. That is why we operate with a “Made to Measure” system, where the suit is tailored specifically for your needs.
The groom suit is as important as the bridal gown.
The suit needs to match the groom, be comfortable, and complement the bridal gown. One of the most important things is choosing the style of the groom suit. The style you choose should depend on the type of wedding you’re planning.
For a day wedding, a tuxedo isn’t necessary. A traditional groom suit will be just perfect.
For an evening wedding, with 500 guests for instance, you’re better off choosing a tuxedo.
There are many styles, colors, and cuts for a groom suit.
Use the following tips when choosing your suit:
-Try on the suit before purchasing it. We don’t recommend ordering suits online. It is preferable to try on the suit, measure the waist, the length, the hands, and the legs, as well as the jacket. You don’t want your pants splitting, or your sleeve hanging down during dancing.
-Measure your suit a month before the wedding, to make sure it still fits nicely.
The top part of your suit needs to precisely match your size, yet allow you a full range of movement.
Wearing a vest at a summer wedding? Make sure it has a full back, so you look good when you remove the jacket.
Every groom wants to look stylish on his wedding day. Make sure you’re wearing a suit that fits your taste and style. Take into consideration your body type, height, everyday wear, and personality. These all need to factor in to your choice of suit.
There are many choices of groom suits, accessories, and shoes, for a wide range of prices and styles.
The current trend is wearing light groom suits, in less traditional colors. Blues and a gray suit are ideal for all seasons, while a white groom suit is appropriate for summer weddings. For a formal wedding, wear a dark tuxedo, along with a bowtie or a tie. Look through magazines to get your insight.