How to choose a suit for the wedding

אנטילופ | 03.01.2015

How do you choose the perfect suit?

The big day is almost here, the hall is booked, Uncle Marty is practicing his speech, your fiancé has successfully completed her 10th (!!) gown fitting, and now it’s your turn to choose the perfect suit.
Small Preview on Groom Suits
A common mistake women make, is that the groom is only the secondary star of the evening. However, we know that your suit is just as important as her gown, and needs to be comfortable, stylish, and complement the gown.
Along with the comfort, the suit needs to represent your unique fashion sense. That can be done with our wide selection of designs and colors.
Feel free to read the short manual we’ve written for you-the groom, and for the bride as well, before choosing your suit.
Style and Measurements
The best way to choose a suit, is by trying on various styles and colors.
Ask a sales rep for advice, and he will perform measurements of your waist, hands and legs, and provide you with a suit accordingly.
This will eliminate awkward moments, like strained moves on the dance floor, or losing your arm in the wide sleeve, while frantically looking for the ring!
We highly recommend you measure the suit a few times in the weeks prior to the wedding, to make sure it still fits nicely. This will allow you to make necessary alterations if your size has changed.
The jacket should match your physical features. If you’re tall and skinny-choose a tight jacket. If you’re a bit hefty, pick a slightly wider jacket, and if you’re short, choose a longer jacket, that will make you look taller.
In any case, make sure you’re comfortable, and the jacket covers your lower bottom completely, and doesn’t rise up.
The shirt needs to fit exactly to your body type. Sleeves that’ll cover your hands even when the arms are raised, and a space of up to a finger between the collar and your neck. Otherwise you’ll look like a child trying on his dad’s suit.
The pants should be tailored according to your build, and cover a 1/3 of your shoe. Notice that when you sit, your socks will be visible, so invest some effort into your socks as well.
Match the material to the venue. An August wedding calls for a breathing material, which allows you to dance without worrying about sweat or odor.
Remember! Your suit is your way to shine through the evening, so choose wisely. Display your artistic taste, and stay calm for a night of dancing, happiness and joy.