Grooms Suits for event

אנטילופ | 03.09.2015

Grooms Suits


“If there is only one day in your life where you have to look confident and completely relaxed, it’s your wedding day! Whether you are religious, conservative, or a close follower of fashion, the groom’s suit should reflect your personal style.
There is an unofficial rule, that grooms should only wear a traditional groom suit. Even-though it is the most popular style, a groom has many other styles to choose from. Depending on the time of the wedding, whether it is day or night, the level of formality of the wedding, event type and of course your personal style, there are plenty of options that will allow you to put together the ultimate groom suit for you.
No matter the season, a black or dark gray suit are ideal for semi-formal events, along with a white shirt, a tie, and matching elegant black shoes.
Antelope has a department just for grooms, where you feel find all of the latest types and styles in the market. The groom section is on the top floor of our Kikar Hamedina branch, a luxurious floor with one of the widest selections in the country.
We have all the tools to help you choose a suit that will suit your body type and personality.
Already in 1975, under the direction of the late Maurice Hanono, Antelope specialized in men suits and groom suits, and served hundreds of grooms who purchased tailored suits in the store’s early years.
We have accumulated quite a bit of experience, seen every possible fabric in the industry, and have the tools to attire you with the perfect suit. Have a business meeting? We’re pair you up with a suit that won’t look as formal, but evoke a look even Warren Baft wouldn’t be ashamed of.
Remember, the accessories accompanying your suit are an important factor in your complete look.
We employ a seamstress, available for any requests or mending you request, at no additional cost. Our seamstress is well versed in the field of groom suits and men suits, and is sure to do an accurate job.
Many men have been ordering groom suits online, so yes, sometimes you get lucky, and the suit is great, and the size is perfect. However, in our many years of experience, we’ve come to know that most grooms are disappointed with their online purchase. Be it a cheap fabric, or the wrong size, the end up having to buy a new suit, which adds up to extra expenses.
These stories happen often. We, at Antelope-Art, know that some grooms prefer to order a suit online, but we don’t recommend risking it for the biggest day in your life. It is preferable to come to a store, try it on, feel the fabric, and hear recommendations from experts.
Walk down the aisle and smile in your pictures with peace of mind, wearing a European suit, from a top fashion boutique importing groom suits since 1975.