Groom Suit Trends

אנטילופ | 04.03.2015

“Groom Suit Trends

Pink for the bride, and gray for the groom is the popular style in the US and Europe. While Israeli brides remain conservative in their choice of a white gown, the grooms tend to flow with the global trend, and have long proclaimed that gray is the new black.
Gray suits are better suited for autumn and winter weddings, while in the summer and spring you will find beige-toned suits. Of course, make sure to break the monochrome with a colorful tie, crazy socks, a dark handkerchief, and a bouquet on the lapel.
Some grooms wear suspenders and bowties, all part of the retro mania sweeping the words. Go to the edge with the colors and styles, and grant yourself with unforgettable photos before the wedding and on the dance floor.
How do you choose a groom suit?
Once we have agreed to choose a non-traditional colors for our groom suit, it’s time to remember a few simple and important rules for selecting the correct suit:
Your comfort is above all-no matter how beautiful the suits you measured are, if you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t take them. Remember you’ll be wearing the suit from the early afternoon until late at night.
Use a jacket to emphasize your body, or hide certain parts. The jacket can emphasize your build, but if you’re not a model, try using it to cover up extra fats. A slightly wide jacket, along with a tight vest should do the trick. Use a longer jacket to create an illusion of height.
Chooses your size, not too big and not too tight. A sales representative will measure you, and make sure you get the correct size. A jacket that isn’t tight in the back shows the size is small, so will a collar with more than a finger-width between the collar and your neck. Puffy shirt sleeves indicate a size too big, and will create awkwardness when worn.
The groom suit with a wide-striped pants trend has been gone since the 90’s. Choose pants with a slim fit, and make sure to have a hem in the right height, which will add to the slim-fit look, and will match your body.
Groom suits are our business.
We invite you to our showroom, where you will find a large selection of unique groom suits, and complementary items that will give you the perfect look. Shoes, ties, luxurious buttoned shirts, and a variety of accessories that will make your look phenomenal and unique.