Antelope Fashion is a fashion home specializing in the most elite and expensive brands in men’s fashion. It established its status many years ago, as a prestigious fashion boutique for men in Israel. Antelope is a family-owned business, established by the late Maurice Hanono over 40 years ago. Today it is run by his children and grandchildren. Antelope is located in the most prestigious location in Israel-Kikar HaMedina in Tel Aviv, and operates the fashion center in an exclusive boutique store, which extends over three spacious floors. For our customers benefit, we’ve been operating an additional store for the past 20 years, located in the prestigious Hilton Tel Aviv hotel. Over the years, Antelope has served as the official representative of companies like Faconnable, Armani and Ferrer, and even opened mono-brand shops for these brands. Antelope specializes in the most elite, prestigious brands available in the clothing, footwear, bags and accessories industry. .

Antelope offers a wide range of prestigious elite brands in the fashion industry. Among them: Morsky, VAN LAACK, LA MARTINA, FACONNABLE, MAESTRAMI, Brioni, Versace, Loro Piana, Philip Plein and Moreschi. The atmosphere, store design, chic, and staff all radiate the classic, exclusive vibe of the fashion center. The Antelope staff is very knowledgeable in the fashion industry, and extremely profession, we offer a wide range of services and an unforgettable shopping experience. In order to maximize the shopping experience and customer service, Antelope operates an in-house team of tailors, performing alterations, made-to-measure items and any other mending. Antelope has long ago professed to become the most exclusive and leading fashion home in Israel. Therefore, the managers are constantly and seasonally updating their knowledge in fashion, and importing premium international brands. This is to expose the Israeli customer pool to the prominent trends and the hottest names in the international fashion industry.